Nick Gajewski is a user interface and Drupal

Nick Gajewski is a user interface and Drupal developer. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Originally tinkering with websites during the years of the Internet Explorer and Netscape browser wars, he took a partial hiatus from the world of the Internet to educate the youth of today. After five years in the education trenches, he was lured back into web development and design through its innovation, creativity, and limitless possibilities. Now, with four years of experience under his belt, he builds front-end and offers Drupal solutions for Enomaly Inc. and freelances under He enjoys creating websites that are exciting, innovative, and are a pleasure for the users to experience. I would like to thank my family for their support, encouragement, humor, and delicious Polish food. Shameemah Kurzawa started programming when she was in high school. Being motivated to be a System Analyst, she pursued both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Business Information System and Software Engineering, respectively. She has been working as a Web Developer/Analyst for the past five years at a renowned broadcasting company in Australia, SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). Besides work, she enjoys spending her time with family. She is a mother of a little baby boy, aged two. She also enjoys travelling, cooking, as well as reading about new technologies. I would like to thank my husband, my son, and the Packt Publishing team for the support and understanding in reviewing this book.

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