Mythology Encyclopedia 218

If while sweeping the room, you find a piece of straw, it is a sign that someone will
shortly pay you a visit (Germany).
It is unlucky to see a load of straw.
It is a bad omen to find two pieces of straw crossed in one’s path. (Westphalia,
Rhineland.-WUTTKE, p. 35.)
Straw was once a powerful means of bewitching one’s neighbour. Getting possession
of the straw was said to carry with it possession of everything belonging to the other
man. (RHYS, C.F., p. 345.)
Straw Road: This is the Persian and Syrian name for the Galaxy, who compare it with
their lanes littered with morsels of straw that fall from the nets they carry it in.
Stream: "The modern Albanian still sees the stain of slaughter in streams running red
with earth, as to the ancient Greeks, the river that flowed by Byblos bore down its summer
floods the red blood of Adonis." (TYLOR, P.C., Vol. I, p. 367.)
Strength: Hair is the seat of a person’s strength. (FRAZER The Magic Art, Vol. I, pp.
102, 344.)
If you carry about with you a piece of wood chipped off by lightning, you will be strong.
(Bohemia.-GROHMANN, p. 40.) Vide Sacrifice, Hair, Topaz, Elephant Thunder,
Haircutting, Lion, Lightning, Ash Wednesday..
Striges: In Modern Greece they are usually confused with the Lami (q.v.) because of
their taste for blood, which they share with those demons. In reality, striges are women
who possess the power to transform themselves. into birds of prey and other animals.
(LAWSON, 179.)
String: It is unlucky to burn string (Great Britain, India.)
Stringed Instrument: The Elle-women are said to be capable of playing most enchantingly
on stringed instruments. (THIELE, Daninarks Folkesagn.)
Stromkarl: "River-man." In Norway it is the name of the spirit of the water-fall; in
Sweden it is any water-spirit.
Stumbling: The Moors believe that if a person stumbles in. the dark, the reason for it
may be that he has trod on a Jinn (q.v.). (WESTERMARCK, The Belief in Spirits in
Morocco, p. 15.)
Among the Kirghiz, the stumbling or the snorting of a horse while on a journey is a
prognostication of good luck. (SCHUYLER, Vol. II, p. 29.)
Sturgeon: The sturgeons of the Yellow River, in China, make an ascent of the stream in
the third moon of each year, when those which succeed in passing above the rapids of
the Lung Men ("Dragon Gate") become transformed into dragons. (MAYERS, Chin.
Read. Min., p. 320.)

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