Mythology Encyclopedia 217

Engraved stones with short sentences on them are worn by the Chinese women and
children, and are supposed to have great efficacy in preventing evil. (WILLIAMS, M.K.,
Vol. II, p. 256.)
"Meeting anyone carrying stones, bringing a bride, or an animal under yoke, or anyone
suffering from goitre, means mischief and loss; the king of devils will injure your familiar
good spirit ; so spit at him I " (Tibet.WADDELL, p. 136.)
On Christmas Eve, put a stone on every tree and they will hear more fruit. (RAGNER.)
Stones, Sepulchral: Pregnant women either sit on, or slide down them to ensure an
easy delivery; unmarried girls do the same to procure a husband. (BERENGER-FERAUD,
Vol. I, p. 529 if; T. A. TROLLOPE, A Summer in Brittany, (Lond. 1840), II, 229; W.
C. BORLASE, The Dolmens of Ireland (Lond. 1897), II, 841.)
Stork: It is unlucky to kill a stork.
A stork flying over a house promises an addition to the family (Silesia.-WUTTKE, p.
Perfect health can be obtained by drinking the blood of a stork.
According to a Swedish legend a stork fluttered round the cross of Jesus crying:
Styrk ! Styrk ! (Strengthen ye! Strengthen ye!), and was hence called the styrk or
stork, but ever after lost its voice.
Storm: Storms are caused by demons. (Slavic countries; cf. LEHMANN, A.Z., p. III.)
A storm may be caused by whistling.
When pigs run grunting home a storm is impending.
St. Barbara may be invoked to abate storms.
According to the Edda, Giants and Giantesses caused storms. (GRIMM, Teut. Myth.,
Vol. IT, p. 637.)
If a storm breaks out while a grave is still open, it is a sign that the deceased has led a
wicked life, and has sold his soul to the devil. (GREGOR, p. 214.)
In North Wales, thunder and storm presage the death of an important personage in the
parish. (Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1872, p. 333.)
In the Gulf of Carnero, storms and hurricanes were caused by sorcerers, who, when
offended, kindled great fires in caverns, causing the enraged earth to send forth their
storms. (JONES, Credulities, p. 72 ; BASSETT, p. 104.) Vide Meal, Cat, Deo, Whistling,
Menstruation, Sea, Porpoise, Cuttlefish, Shony, Hedgehog, Mirror.
Stranger: Unless a dead man is watched by someone from another town, his soul will
not rest in peace. (F. MARION CRAWFORD, A Roman Singer, Ch. XIII.) Vide Nose,
Magpie, Soot.
Straw: If a person succeeds in getting hold of a mara (q v.), he will find only a piece of
straw in his hand. If this piece of straw be nailed to the wall, or otherwise made fast,
the mara will be compelled to show herself next night (WUTTKE, p. 123), or the next
morning in her true form. (cf. GRIMM, D.M.; THORPE, North. Myth; TYLOR, P.C.;

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