Mythology Encyclopedia 216

China Review, XIII, 416-418, quoted by BENOY KUMAR SARCAR, Chinese Religion
through Hindu Eyes, Shanghai, 1918, p. 62).
For other superstitions about shooting stars and meteors, see FRAZER, The Dying
God, London, 1920, pp. 6o-68.
Stepping over a Child: If you step over a child it will stop growing (Jews of Kiev;
Virginia.-BERGEN, C.S., p. 23); to make it resume growing, repeat the action (Jews of
Galicia, India, some parts of England. Cf. SCHIFFER, Urquell, VI, iii.)
Stheno: Gr. Myth. One of the Gorgons.
Stihija: A Bulgarian household-spirit in the form of a snake; also called Tolosom.
Stija: Bulgarian Folklore. A class of water-spirits. They are remarkable for their long
hair, which they sometimes employ to choke those who fall into their power.
Stocking: To put the left stocking on first denotes ill luck, but putting the right one on
first protects the wearer from rheumatism. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. II, p. 18.)
To put on a pair of stockings with the wrong side out is lucky, provided you do not
change (CHAMBERS, Book of Days, Vol. II, p. 321; ABBOTT, p. 144; Ethnologie du
Bengale, p. 124).
The wife is recommended to carry a piece of her husband’s stockings or girdle as a
safeguard against premature birth. (WUTTKE, p. 195.)
"Wear at the toe,
Spend as you go;
Wear at the heel,
Spend a good deal;
Wear at the side,
You’ll be a rich bride;
Wear at the ball,
You’ll live to spend all."
Vide Hoarseness, Throatache.
Stomach: If you stir drinks with a knife, you will have a stomach ache. (STRACKERJAN,
Vol. I, p. 49.)
Stones: Stones grow on the earth as long as they are not touched by hand; they
receive nourishment through a "vein" by which they are joined to the earth. (STRACKERJAN,
Vol. II, p. 71.)
To find a perforated stone is a presage of good luck. (See SPENCER, Pr. of Sociology,
i, 310 sq.)
In India (CROOKE, Islam in India, p. 241), and in East Africa (C. W. HOBLEY, J.R.A.I.,
XLI, 432f), it is believed that throwing stones is a common habit of some mischievous

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