Mythology Encyclopedia 219

Stuttering: Children who are allowed to look at themselves. in the mirror before they
are a year old become stutterers. cf. Tickling.
Sty: A sty on the eye can be effectually cured by rubbing it with a wedding ring.
(STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p. 83.)
Styx: Gr. Myth. The river which surrounded the infernal region seven times, and separated
the world of the living from the world of the dead. cf. Vaitarini.
Subeh: The Subeh of Syrian superstition is a demon “in the shape of a fabulous animal
or as a woman with coarse hair on her head, immense eyes, and long pendent
breasts.” (WESTERMARCK, The Belief in Spirits in Morocco, p. 149, quoting VON
KREMER, Studien iii-iv, 34 sq., SNOUCK HURGRONJE, ii, 123 sq.)
Succubus: In the Middle Ages this was a demon in female form; she was supposed to
have carnal intercourse with men in their sleep.
“For forty years, he (Benedict of Berne) had kept up an amatorycommerce with a succubus,
called Hermeline.” C. K. SHARPE, Law’s Memorialls, Pref., p. xx (i8i8)
cf. Incubus, Cuichi Supai, Tululu Supai.
Suckle: German Folklore. The dead mother comes back again during the night to suckle
her infant she has left behind on earth.
Suddenness: St. Martin saves from sudden deaths.
Sudicky: Bohemian Folklore. The three white women who come to a room where a
child is born and decide its future. They are the three goddesses(?) of fate.
(GROHMANN, p. 7.) cf. Fates, Norn, Parcae, Bidhatapurusha, Hathor.
Sugar: If a pregnant woman puts sugar on the window-sill, she will give birth to a baby
girl. (Bohemia.)
Sugar is put in the mouth of an infant the first time it enters the house of a stranger.
(DALYELL, Dark. Sup., p. 96; cf. E. CHAVANNES, Documents sur les Tou-Kiue (Turcs)
Occidentaux, p. 134; FRAZER, Magic Art, i, 157.)
Suhijini: Sand has been deified under this name in Japan.
Suicide: The spirits of those who have committed suicide cannot rest; they must haunt
the place where the crime was committed (East Prussia, Silesia.-WUTTKE, p. 217;
Great Britain, France, Bohemia, India, Japan.)
It is a recognized practice in Modern China for widows to commit suicide, in order to
accompany their husbands to the spirit world ; this is sometimes even performed in
public. (See DE GROOT, Religious System of China, Vol. II, Bk. I, pp. 720 sqq.)
The body of a suicide does not sink. (GREGOR, p. 208.)

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Mythology Encyclopedia 218

If while sweeping the room, you find a piece of straw, it is a sign that someone will
shortly pay you a visit (Germany).
It is unlucky to see a load of straw.
It is a bad omen to find two pieces of straw crossed in one’s path. (Westphalia,
Rhineland.-WUTTKE, p. 35.)
Straw was once a powerful means of bewitching one’s neighbour. Getting possession
of the straw was said to carry with it possession of everything belonging to the other
man. (RHYS, C.F., p. 345.)
Straw Road: This is the Persian and Syrian name for the Galaxy, who compare it with
their lanes littered with morsels of straw that fall from the nets they carry it in.
Stream: "The modern Albanian still sees the stain of slaughter in streams running red
with earth, as to the ancient Greeks, the river that flowed by Byblos bore down its summer
floods the red blood of Adonis." (TYLOR, P.C., Vol. I, p. 367.)
Strength: Hair is the seat of a person’s strength. (FRAZER The Magic Art, Vol. I, pp.
102, 344.)
If you carry about with you a piece of wood chipped off by lightning, you will be strong.
(Bohemia.-GROHMANN, p. 40.) Vide Sacrifice, Hair, Topaz, Elephant Thunder,
Haircutting, Lion, Lightning, Ash Wednesday..
Striges: In Modern Greece they are usually confused with the Lami (q.v.) because of
their taste for blood, which they share with those demons. In reality, striges are women
who possess the power to transform themselves. into birds of prey and other animals.
(LAWSON, 179.)
String: It is unlucky to burn string (Great Britain, India.)
Stringed Instrument: The Elle-women are said to be capable of playing most enchantingly
on stringed instruments. (THIELE, Daninarks Folkesagn.)
Stromkarl: "River-man." In Norway it is the name of the spirit of the water-fall; in
Sweden it is any water-spirit.
Stumbling: The Moors believe that if a person stumbles in. the dark, the reason for it
may be that he has trod on a Jinn (q.v.). (WESTERMARCK, The Belief in Spirits in
Morocco, p. 15.)
Among the Kirghiz, the stumbling or the snorting of a horse while on a journey is a
prognostication of good luck. (SCHUYLER, Vol. II, p. 29.)
Sturgeon: The sturgeons of the Yellow River, in China, make an ascent of the stream in
the third moon of each year, when those which succeed in passing above the rapids of
the Lung Men ("Dragon Gate") become transformed into dragons. (MAYERS, Chin.
Read. Min., p. 320.)

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Mythology Encyclopedia 217

Engraved stones with short sentences on them are worn by the Chinese women and
children, and are supposed to have great efficacy in preventing evil. (WILLIAMS, M.K.,
Vol. II, p. 256.)
"Meeting anyone carrying stones, bringing a bride, or an animal under yoke, or anyone
suffering from goitre, means mischief and loss; the king of devils will injure your familiar
good spirit ; so spit at him I " (Tibet.WADDELL, p. 136.)
On Christmas Eve, put a stone on every tree and they will hear more fruit. (RAGNER.)
Stones, Sepulchral: Pregnant women either sit on, or slide down them to ensure an
easy delivery; unmarried girls do the same to procure a husband. (BERENGER-FERAUD,
Vol. I, p. 529 if; T. A. TROLLOPE, A Summer in Brittany, (Lond. 1840), II, 229; W.
C. BORLASE, The Dolmens of Ireland (Lond. 1897), II, 841.)
Stork: It is unlucky to kill a stork.
A stork flying over a house promises an addition to the family (Silesia.-WUTTKE, p.
Perfect health can be obtained by drinking the blood of a stork.
According to a Swedish legend a stork fluttered round the cross of Jesus crying:
Styrk ! Styrk ! (Strengthen ye! Strengthen ye!), and was hence called the styrk or
stork, but ever after lost its voice.
Storm: Storms are caused by demons. (Slavic countries; cf. LEHMANN, A.Z., p. III.)
A storm may be caused by whistling.
When pigs run grunting home a storm is impending.
St. Barbara may be invoked to abate storms.
According to the Edda, Giants and Giantesses caused storms. (GRIMM, Teut. Myth.,
Vol. IT, p. 637.)
If a storm breaks out while a grave is still open, it is a sign that the deceased has led a
wicked life, and has sold his soul to the devil. (GREGOR, p. 214.)
In North Wales, thunder and storm presage the death of an important personage in the
parish. (Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1872, p. 333.)
In the Gulf of Carnero, storms and hurricanes were caused by sorcerers, who, when
offended, kindled great fires in caverns, causing the enraged earth to send forth their
storms. (JONES, Credulities, p. 72 ; BASSETT, p. 104.) Vide Meal, Cat, Deo, Whistling,
Menstruation, Sea, Porpoise, Cuttlefish, Shony, Hedgehog, Mirror.
Stranger: Unless a dead man is watched by someone from another town, his soul will
not rest in peace. (F. MARION CRAWFORD, A Roman Singer, Ch. XIII.) Vide Nose,
Magpie, Soot.
Straw: If a person succeeds in getting hold of a mara (q v.), he will find only a piece of
straw in his hand. If this piece of straw be nailed to the wall, or otherwise made fast,
the mara will be compelled to show herself next night (WUTTKE, p. 123), or the next
morning in her true form. (cf. GRIMM, D.M.; THORPE, North. Myth; TYLOR, P.C.;

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Mythology Encyclopedia 216

China Review, XIII, 416-418, quoted by BENOY KUMAR SARCAR, Chinese Religion
through Hindu Eyes, Shanghai, 1918, p. 62).
For other superstitions about shooting stars and meteors, see FRAZER, The Dying
God, London, 1920, pp. 6o-68.
Stepping over a Child: If you step over a child it will stop growing (Jews of Kiev;
Virginia.-BERGEN, C.S., p. 23); to make it resume growing, repeat the action (Jews of
Galicia, India, some parts of England. Cf. SCHIFFER, Urquell, VI, iii.)
Stheno: Gr. Myth. One of the Gorgons.
Stihija: A Bulgarian household-spirit in the form of a snake; also called Tolosom.
Stija: Bulgarian Folklore. A class of water-spirits. They are remarkable for their long
hair, which they sometimes employ to choke those who fall into their power.
Stocking: To put the left stocking on first denotes ill luck, but putting the right one on
first protects the wearer from rheumatism. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. II, p. 18.)
To put on a pair of stockings with the wrong side out is lucky, provided you do not
change (CHAMBERS, Book of Days, Vol. II, p. 321; ABBOTT, p. 144; Ethnologie du
Bengale, p. 124).
The wife is recommended to carry a piece of her husband’s stockings or girdle as a
safeguard against premature birth. (WUTTKE, p. 195.)
"Wear at the toe,
Spend as you go;
Wear at the heel,
Spend a good deal;
Wear at the side,
You’ll be a rich bride;
Wear at the ball,
You’ll live to spend all."
Vide Hoarseness, Throatache.
Stomach: If you stir drinks with a knife, you will have a stomach ache. (STRACKERJAN,
Vol. I, p. 49.)
Stones: Stones grow on the earth as long as they are not touched by hand; they
receive nourishment through a "vein" by which they are joined to the earth. (STRACKERJAN,
Vol. II, p. 71.)
To find a perforated stone is a presage of good luck. (See SPENCER, Pr. of Sociology,
i, 310 sq.)
In India (CROOKE, Islam in India, p. 241), and in East Africa (C. W. HOBLEY, J.R.A.I.,
XLI, 432f), it is believed that throwing stones is a common habit of some mischievous

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Mythology Encyclopedia 215

(East Prussia.-WUTTKE, p. 21.)
Stag: Stags draw serpents from their holes by their breath, and then trample them to
A wound from a stag’s horn never heals.
A stag’s horn gives warning of the evil eye and is a safeguard against its malignant
influences (Spain).
Stair: To pass another on the stairs is unlucky.
If while coming down the stairs you fall down, it forebodes some misfortune; but if you
stumble while going up, it promises a wedding.
Star: The Esthonians believe that if anyone sees a failing star on New Year’s night, he
will die or be visited by some serious illness that year. (BOECLER-KREUTZWALD, p.
73; FRAZER, G.B2., Vol. II, p. 22.)
If you point to a star, your finger will get fixed in that position. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. 1,
p. 44.)
If a shooting star takes a direction towards some particular house, it is a sign that
someone will die therein (STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p. 23: ELWORTHY, E.E., p. 424.)
A shooting star denotes the birth of a child (Great Britain, India; cf. W. ELLIS,
Polynesian Researches2; iii, 171.)
The Moors say that shooting stars are missiles hurled by God at evil spirits to make
them desist from trying to reach heaven. (MEAKIN, The Moors, p. 353 : LANE, Mod.
Egypt., Ch. X; C. VELTEN, Sitten u. Gebr uche der Suaheli, p. 339 sq.)
When you see the first star, wish for something and say
"Star light, star bright,
First star I see to-night,
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish to-night"
and your wish will come to pass provided of course, that you do not divulge it to anyone.
(Eastern Massachusetts.-BERGEN, C.S., p. 69.)
When you see a shooting star, the wish you form before its disappearance will be fulfilled.
(LEAN, Vol. II, p. 280.)
In Ruthenia a shooting star is looked upon as the track of an angel flying to receive a
departed spirit, or of a righteous soul going up to heaven. In the latter case, if a wish
be uttered at the moment the star shoots by, it will go straight up with the rejoicing spirit
to the throne of God. So when a star falls the Servians say: "Someone’s light has gone
out," meaning someone is dead. (RALSTON, Songs of the Russian People, p. 116.)
"It is then (6th century B.C.) that we find stars worshipped in particular cities and that
the twelve signs of the Zodiac were believed to control the destinies of states.
Particular stars or groups of stars were worshipped in the supposed causes of fires and
such-like calamities.
In 540 B.C. there is a more detailed account of the same worship in the Tso chwen,
and at the same time, in Kwo Y , we find abundant proof that the Chinese then
believed that the various baronies of China were all controlled by particular stars" (

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Mythology Encyclopedia 214

Spot: If you accidentally make some ink-spots while writing, it is an omen of good luck.
In West Highland superstition, a beauty-spot cannot be resisted, hence Diarmaid
inspired masterless love by his beauty-spot. Vide Nail.
Spriggan: In Cornwall these were certain demons said to guard treasures. (HUNT, Pop.
Rem., p. 81.)
Sprite: Same as spirit; in ordinary language it denotes an elf.
Squint: It is very unlucky to meet a man who squints. (ELWORTHY, E.E., p. 32, 417.)
Squirrel: Squirrels are so charmed by snakes that they fall an easy prey to them. Vide
Saints: (See also under the first names of the saints.)
St. Alfonso di Liguori: He is believed to have had the power of preaching in church and
confessing penitents at home at the same time. (J. GARDNER, Faiths of the World.)
Vide Bilocalion.
St. Ambrose: When St. Ambrose died on Easter Eve, several newly-baptized children
claimed to have seen the holy bishop, and pointed him out to their parents, but these
with their less pure eyes could not see him (CALMET).
St. Ammonius: St. Anthony saw the soul of St. Ammonius. carried to heaven by a company
of angels, the same day the holy man died at a distance of five days’ journey in
the desert of Nitria.
St. Dunstan: St. Dunstan’s harp discoursed most enchanting music without being
struck by any player. cf. Teirtus’ Harp.
St. John: The first words of the Gospel of St. John have always. been held of great
virtue when carried on a person. These should be written upon virgin parchment,
enclosed in a goose-quill an hour before sunrise on the first Sunday in. the year.
(THIERS, Trait des Sup., Vol. I, p. 414; ELWORTHY, E.E., p. 400.)
On May 16, St. John Nepomuc is honoured in Magyar lands, by throwing his image in
the Danube, while people follow in boats, playing musical instruments, etc. (Magyar
Folklore in "Notes and Queries," 27 Dec., 1883; BASSETT, p. 415.)
St. John’s Eve: Folklore. It is believed that fasting watchers may, on this day, see the
apparitions of those doomed to die during the year come with the ministers to the
churchdoor and knock. These apparitions are the souls which come forth from their
bodies. (TYLOR, P.C., Vol. I, p. 440; RHYS, Vol. I, p. 329.)
St. Matthew’s Day (24th February): If you spin on this day, it will go ill with the geese.

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Mythology Encyclopedia 213

No spider will spin its web on an Irish oak.
A spider enclosed in a quill and hung round the neck will cure the ague ; in cases of
sore-eye or fever, it may be enclosed in a nut-shell and treated likewise.
The bite of a spider is venomous; they envenom whatever they touch.
Spiders will never set their webs on a cedar roof.
Spiders spin only on dark days, and have a natural antipathy for toads; they indicate
where gold is to be found.
"Une araign e au matin, c’est du chagrin,
Une araign e au midi, c’est du plaisir,
Une araign e au soir, c’est de l’espoir."
Vide Money, Spider, Soreness, Arachne. Spindle: In Italy, women were forbidden by law to walk on the high roads twirling aspindle, because this was supposed to injure the crops. (FRAZER, G.B2., Vol. II, p.
461 note; PLINY, Nat. Hist., XXVIII, 28.) Spinning: Women in childbed should not spin, lest they spin a halter for the baby.
(Franken.-WUTTKE, p. 196.) Vide St. Matthew’s Day. Spinster: Vide Last Piece, Tea, Godfather. Spirit: A supernatural, incorporeal, rational being or personality, usually regarded asimperceptible at ordinary times to the human senses, but capable of becoming visibleat will, and frequently conceived as troublesome, terrible or horrible to mankind."It faded on the crowing of the cock."
-SHAKESPEARE, Hamlet, I, 1.1
Vide Midnight. Spitting: If you spit on the first money received during the day, you will have more.
(Great Britain, India, Germany. -WUTTKE, pp. 80, 186; cf. HAZLITT, p. 560 sq.)
Cattle will thrive if you spit on their food. (Mark, Silesia.-ib.)
Great virtue is and was always believed to belong to fasting spittle, both as curative
and protective. (ELWORTHY, E.E., p. 418, quoting HERRICK, Hesperides, The
In Macedonia, spitting is considered a great precaution against disease. (ABBOTT, p.
The Arabs believe that human saliva can cure a multitude of diseases; further they will
spit upon a lock which cannot easily be opened. (DOUGHTY, Arab. Des., Vol. I, p.
226.) Vide Saliva, Hair.
Splashing: If a girl splashes herself while washing clothes, it forebodes that her husband
will he a drunkard. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p. 45; Great Britain, U.S.A.)
Spogelse : A common name in Denmark for the Bulderbasse or the Poltergeist.

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Mythology Encyclopedia 212

Gebr uche der Munda Kolhs, Zeitschr. f. Ethnologie, Vol. III (1871), p. 374; M.
GRANET, La religion des Chinois, Paris, 1922, pp. 165 sq.; TYLOR, P.C.. Vol. I, p. 407;
id., Early History of Mankind, Vol. I, p. 358; CROOKE, Pop. Rel., Vol. I, p. 280;
DURKHEIM, Elementary Forms of Religious Life, p. 242; KRAFT, Travels . . . in East
Africa, p. 150; E.R.E, Demonology.
Soup: Plenty of soup eaten slowly promotes long life.
Sow: Vide Pig.
Sparks: If sparks from a burning log are thrown out into the room, troubles and anxieties
must be expected. (Greece.-LAWSON, p. 328.) Vide Death Omens.
Sparrow: The chirping of sparrows portends much rain or snowfall (ABBOTT, p. 111), or
wet weather. (INWARDS, Weather Lore, p. 168.)
Speak: If a person appears just as you are speaking about him, it is a sign that he will
live long. (Great Britain, India.)
If you forget in the middle of your speech what you wished to say, you are telling a lie.
If two persons say the same thing at the same time, they will have a fulfilment of their
desire, provided that they wish before another word is spoken.
In folktales all animals can speak.
Speaking Foxes: Vide Silver Foxes.
Spectre: An apparition, phantom, ghost, especially one of a terrifying nature or aspect.
Speed: Speed can be acquired by partaking of the flesh of a kite. cf. Sight.
Sphinx: An animal with the body of a lion and the head of a human being, which,
according to the Egyptians represented the sun. The ancient Greeks endowed the
sphinx with mysterious powers and introduced it into their mythology. It is said that in
the time of (Edipus, a sphinx used to stop passers-by on their way to Thebes, and put
certain enigmas to them; if they could not answer these enigmas, they were devoured
by the monster. It asked (Edipus the following: Qtel est l’animal qui marche a quatre
pieds le matin, a deux pieds a midi et e trois le soir?
OEdipus recognized the symbol of infancy, youth and senility in this riddle. The sphinx
furious at this, threw itself into the sea, and was never seen any more. (Petit Larousse
Illustr , p. 1602.)
Spider: The Mohammedans will never kill a spider, because they say that when
Mohammed was flying from his enemies, he hid himself in a cave, and a spider spun
its web over the entrance in order to give it an unsuspicious appearance. A lizard pointed
Mohammed out to his followers.
There are no spiders in Ireland, because St. Patrick cleared the island of all vermin.

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Mythology Encyclopedia 211

In Wales it is said that persons on the point of dying can hear a melodious voice
singing in the air. (OWEN, p. 305 sq.)
Soot: Flakes of soot hanging from the bars of a grate foretell the introduction of a
A volume of soot suddenly coming down the chimney promises a letter or money.
Sophia’s Picture: Sophia’s picture, given to Mathias, turned yellow if the giver was in
danger or in temptation, and. black if she could not escape from the danger, or if she
yielded to the temptation. (MASSINGER, 1629.) cf. Bahman’s Knife, Canace’s Mirror,
Alasnam’s Mirror, Florimel’s Girdle, Ring, Bertha’s Emerald.
Soreness: Sore eyes can be cured by putting a spider in a. nut-shell, and wearing it
round the neck. (Mark.-WUTTKE, p. 165.)
St. Blaise when he was put to death, prayed that if any person suffering from a sore
throat invoked his aid, he might be God’s instrument in effecting a perfect cure. Vide
Spider, Amber.
Soul: The Tyrolese peasants believe that a good man’s soul issues from his mouth at
death like a little white cloud (WUTTKE).
In India the soul of a saint is said to leave the body in the form of a miniature radiant
Among the ancient Romans, the nearest kinsmen knelt over to inhale the last breath of
the departing.
At the death of Julius Caesar, a little animal, his soul, was seen to come out of his
Among the Seminoles of Florida, when a woman died in childbirth, the infant was held
over her face to receive her parting spirit. (FRAZER, G.B2., Vol. I, pp. 247 sq.)
In Japan the soul is said to he a small, round, black body, and is capable of having
adventures apart from the body. (GRIFFIS, M.E., p. 472.)
The Ghost-Man of the natives of the Slave Coast of Africa continues its existence after
death, and corresponds to our soul (ELLIS, The Ewe-speaking Peoples, pp. 105 sq.).
The Qor’an (Sura XXXIX) says: "God takes to Himself the souls of men at their death;
and He takes also to Himself the souls of those who do not die, while they sleep. He
keeps with Himself the souls of those whose death He has ordained, but the others he
sends back for a season. Truly herein lie signs for thoughtful men to ponder."
cf. Ethnologie du Bengale, pp. 88, 89, quoting GREGOR, p. 206; FRAZER, in Folklore
Journal, Vol. III, p. 282; id., Taboo and the Perils of the Soul; On Certain Burial
Customs, Journ. Anthrop. Inst., Vol. XV, p. 66; id., G.B2., Vol. I, p. 204; RHYS, Celtic
Folklore, p. 601; LE BRAZ, Vol. I, p. 214; LADY WILDE, p. 139; Revue Celtique, Vol.
XII, p. 425; SPENCER AND GILLEN, Native Tribes of Australia, pp. 497, 508; BUDGE,
Book of the Dead, Vol. I, p. lxii; LORD in ROTH, Vol. I, p. 217; GRAAFLAND, Die Insel
Rote, Mitteil. d. geogr. Gesells zu Jena, VIII, p. 168; MEIJMERING, Zeeden en
gewoonten . . . in Tijdsch. v. Nederl. Indi , VI, p. 363; HERTZ, la Representation collective
de la mort, Ann e Sociol., Vol. X, p. 59; JELLINGHANS, Sagen, Sitten und

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Mythology Encyclopedia 210

snese twyse, yt is a good tokyn, but yf he snese one tyme, yt is an yll syne.XXII. Yf a man lye sicke in bedde and mistrusts himself, and snese one tyme, yt is atokyn of deathe, but yf he snese twyse, he shall escape.
XXIII. A woman being very sicke, yf she snese one tyme, yt is a syne of health, but yfshe snese twyse, she shall dye.
Snorting: The snorting of a horse while on a journey prognosticates good luck. (The
Kirghis.-SCHUYLER, Vol. II, p. 29.)
Snow: Snow is caused by witches. (LEHMANN, A.Z., p. III.)
Snuffing: In China, it is said that the snuffing by a cat or a dog will partly revive a
corpse. (Chin. Volksm rchen, p. 202.) cf. Breath.
Sodomy: In Persia and in China, sodomy is superstitiously believed to be a cure for
venereal diseases. (KRAFFT-EBING, Psychopathia Sexualis, Eng. tr., p. 405.)
Soham: A monster with the head of a horse, four eyes and the body of a fiery dragon.
Sokkvabek: Norse Myth. The abode of Saga, the seeress in Asgard.
Sokotsu-wata-dzumi: Jap. Myth. "The bottom-sea-body." The chief sea-god of
Shintoism. He, Nakatsu-wata-dzumj, "middle-sea-body " and Uhatsu-wata-dzumi,
"upper-sea-body" were produced from Izanagi’s ablutions in the sea.
They are represented as forming one deity, and are much prayed to for safety from
shipwrecks and for fair winds.
Soldier: Vide War.
Sole: According to a Russian story, the sole owes its shape to the fact that the queen
of the Baltic ate one half of it, and threw the other back. (RALSTON, Russian Folklore,
p. 330.)
Some say, it was restored to life, after half of it had been eaten, by the angel Gabriel.
(BASSETT, p. 257.)
Somnambulism: Diamond produces somnambulism.
Song: Nixies and maras are said to have the power of singing enchantingly.
Singing in bed before getting up is unlucky. (Great Britain; cf. LAPHIN, in L’Intrasigeant,
No. 17, 185, 24th August, 1927, p. 2.)
If a girl sings while at meals, she will have a drunkard for her husband (Silesia.-WUTTKE,
p. 43), orit wifi bring ill luck (Great Britain), or poverty (Paris, LAPHIN, ib.)
If you sing at the table, you will have a disappointment (U.S.A.).
"Sing in the street,
Disappointment you’ll meet." U.S.A.

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