Mythology Encyclopedia 154

Amphion is said to have built the walls of Thebes by the music of his lyre. Hirem and
the capital of King Arthur’s kingdom were also built to divine music. The city of Jericho
was destroyed by music. (Josh. VI, 20).
If you dream of hearing music, you will receive acceptable news.
Mussel : A fountain near the waterless sea, which purges from transgression. So called
because it is contained in a hollow stone like a mussel-shell. Those who test it enter
the water, and, if they are true men, it rises till it covers their heads three times. (DR.
BREWER, R.H., p. 760).
Musubi: A Japanese god of growth, who represents an abstract quality. (ASTON,
Shinto, p. ii), and is said to be a formidable rival of Amaterasu.
Mut: Egypt. Myth. Consort of Amon-Ra, the sun, mother of Chunsu, the moon. She is
often represented as lion headed.
Mutilation: Among various tribes, as for example the Indians of Brazil, the Australians,
the Chinese, the Japanese, etc., it is believed that the spirit or ghost of a man bears
the same mutilation as the body of the man it originally inhabited. (TYLOR, P.C., Vol. I,
p. 407; Enc. Rel. Eth. Art. Demon-Japanese. Cf. FRAZER, Golden Bough, I, 204; Id.,
On Certain Burial Customs as illustrative of the Soul, in Journ. Anthrop. Inst., Vol. XV,
p. 66; DURKHEIM, Elementary Forms of Religious Life, pp. 242 seq.; Ethnologie duBengale, p. 90; TYLOR, Early History, Vol. I p. 358, id., P.C., Vol. II, p. 230; CROOKE,
P.R. I., Vol. 1, p. 280).
Myrrha: Class. Myth. Mother of Adonis. She was afterwards changed into a myrrh tree. Myrtle: A girl engaged to be married must not plant myrtles or the wedding will be broken
off. (East Prussia-WUTTKE, p. 204). N Nachzehrer: The Vampire (q.v.) is called by this name in some parts of Germany.
(WUTTKE, p. 221). N gas: "Snakes"; the local spirits of the Hindus. Nagual: The Nagual of Central America is a kind of guardian spirit in animal form. Naiad: Class. Myth. Certain kinds of nymphs. Nail: A white spot on the thumb nail promises a present; on the index finger it denotesa friend; on the middle finger, a foe; on the ring finger, a letter or a sweetheart; on thelittle finger, a journey to go. In England this is indicated by touching the fingers in turn

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