Mythology Encyclopedia 153

Mulkari: The Mulkari of the North-West Central Queensland is the "supernatural power
who makes everything the blacks cannot otherwise account for; he is a good, beneficent
person, and never kills anyone." He is described as "a benevolent, omnipresent,
supernatural being; anything incomprehensible." (LANG, Magic and Rel., p. 40, quoting
Mr. Roth).
Mumbo Jumbo: An African bogey, hideous and malignant, the terror of women and children.
(DR. BREWER, R.H. p. 737).
Mummy: Mummies must not be carried in a ship or some misfortune would happen; the
same applies to corpses. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p. 47). Vide Corpse.
Munda: Hindu. Myth. "Bald"; the name of a demon slain by Durg .
Munkir and Nekir: Moham. Myth. Two angels of the Arabs, who examine all the dead
and torture the wicked in their graves. (LANE, A.S.M.A., p. 26).
Mura: The Muras of Bohemian folk-lore are identical with the Polish Upior and our own
Vampire (q.v.).
Murder: The spirits of murdered people must wander about on earth so long as they
would have done had they been alive (East Prussia); likewise those of people dying an
accidental death. (Tyrol, K rnihen-WUTTKE, p. 217).
It is a bad omen to see a murder, or wild animals chased by dogs, or to pass a dead
body lying on the ground. (Tibet, WADDELL, p. 135).
Muscatel: Muscatels kept in one’s pocket is a cure for boils. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p.
Muses: Class. Myth. Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They were nine in number
and presided over the arts; they dwelt with Apollo on Mt. Parnassus. They were as follows:
Clio-the Muse of history.
Euterpe-the Muse of music.
Thalia-the Muse of comedy.
Melpomene-the Muse of tragedy.
Terpsichore-the Muse of dancing.
Erato-the Muse of elegiac poetry.
Polymnia-the Muse of lyric poetry.
Urania-the Muse of astronomy, and lastly
Calliope-the Muse of eloquence and heroic poetry
Music : Persons bitten by the tarantula are supposed to be cured by music.
If you imagine you can hear music, it is a sure sign that you are in the presence of
some well-disposed spirit (India).

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