Mythology Encyclopedia 152

Moss: To cure barrenness, boil some moss growing on the Temple walls and drink the
water. (Jews of Palestine–SCHIFFER, Urqueli, II, 235).
Moth: A moth flying round you presages the arrival of a letter. (Gt. Britain).
Mother Carey’s Chicken: Vide Petrel, Albatross.
Mountain-climbing: The tongue of an eagle sewn in the collar of one’s coat makes
mountain climbing easier. (ALPENBURG, p. 384; WUTTKE, p. 164).
Mountain Mother: Same as Great Mother.
Mourning: Mourning clothes must not be exchanged for ordinary ones on a Sunday, or
someone else will die; they must neither be discarded without sufficient reason.
Mouse: Many mice signify war. (Alsace-LAMBS, p. 30).
According to some legends mice are the souls of murdered people.
If a mouse gnaws our clothes during the night, or nibbles a hole in a bag of flour
(Greece–LAWSON, p. 328), it is indicative of some impending evil, perhaps even
If food which a mouse has nibbled be eaten, it will give sore throat.
A fried mouse is a specific for small-pox.
St. Gertrude and St. Huldrick ward off mice.
Suspending a live mouse by the tail before the fire and roasting it expels mice from the
house. (LEAN, Vol. II, p. 418).
In Bohemia the peasants, though they kill field mice and grey mice without scruple,
always spare white mice. If a white mouse died, the luck of the house would be gone,
and the grey mice would multiply in the house. (GR0RMANN, p. 60; FRAZER, G.B.,
Vol. II, p. 426).
Arab superstition regards a particular species of mouse as inhabited by the souls of an
extinct Israelitish tribe. (BERTHOLET, p. 39). Vide Field Mouse.
Mouth: If anything falls in the corpse’s mouth, the whole family will die. (Franken-WUTTKE,
p. 212).
Mowing: If a sexton mows the churchyard, rain is sure to come. (STRACKERJAN, Vol.
1, p. 47).
Mucus: The nasal mucus is considered by many primitive races to be a powerful
amulet. (FRAZER, Golden Bough).
Mule: Vide Foam.

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