Mythology Encyclopedia 151

but to see it on the left hand, or to turn round and see it behind you is the contrary.
To sow under a waxing moon is beneficent for the crop.
Turn your money over when you see the new moon for the first time; it brings luck. (Gi.
If pregnant women look at the moon, the child will be "moon-struck." (Silesia,
Oberpfalz-WUTTKE, p. 193).
The bacon of swine killed in a waning moon will waste much in cooking.
If you see the new moon over the right shoulder, take three steps backwards and
repeat the following:
"New moon, true moon, true and bright,
If I have a lover let me dream of him to-night.
If I am to marry far, let me hear a bird cry;
If I am to marry near, let me hear a cow low;
If I am never to marry, let me hear a hammer knock. "–Tennessee.
and one of these three sounds is always heard. (BERGEN, C.S., p. 117). Vide Full-
Moonlight: He who sews by moonlight, sews his burial clothes. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. I,
p. 47).
Moon, Spots on the: In Indian superstition the spots on the moon represent Krishna
milking a cow under a spreading tree; in England, "the man in the moon."
Moonstone: It has the virtue of making trees fruitful and of curing epilepsy.
Moonstone brings luck to the owner. (U.S.A.–WILKIE COLLINS, Moonstone).
It contains in it an image of the moon, representing the increase and decrease every
Moosburg: One of Freiherr von Guttingen’s castles.
Moosweiber: Same as Buschweiber.
Morana: Bohemian Folk-lore. The goddess of death. She has been identified with the
Greek Elecate. (GROHMANN, p. 6)
Moravaya panna: "Black woman"; in Slavic countries this is a frequent disguise of the
demon of pestilence.
Morgaine la Faye: "Morgaine the fairy." It is believed to the present day that she retains
Holger the Dane entranced in Avalon in company with her brother, King Arthur, and
other renowned knights.
Morpheus: Class. Myth. God of dreams, son of Night and Day.
Morta: Rom. Myth. One of the goddesses of fate. She is identical with the Greek

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