Mythology Encyclopedia 150

Monday: Monday is an unlucky day.
Servant girls appointed on a Monday break many things. (Rhineland,Westphalia-WUTTKE,
p. 104). Vide Sunday, Wednesday.
Money: The Old Prussians furnished their dead with money to spend on his weary journey
to the spirit world; in Germany, France, China (false paper money) and Ireland this
custom is kept up to the present day.
The Russian Jews (Jew. Enc., Vol. IX, p. 598) and the Indians consider it unlucky to
dream of money.
When taking money out of a purse leave at least a coin or two in it; money attracts
money. (Grodno–Jew. Enc., Vol. IX, p. 601).
If they are compelled to give away the last piece of money they possess, the
Bohemians say: " Ty muy mily posledecku, privez mi jich na koleccku." (You my dear
last one, bring me back a cartload like you). (GROHMANN, p. 227).
If you meet a frog, it denotes that you are about to receive some money.
To see blood is lucky; it denotes money. (Gt. Britain).
It is unlucky to dream of money. (Gt. Britain, India, U.S.A.-KNORTZ, p. 43). Vide Blood,
Bubble, Cattle, Execution, Frog, Gold, Ant, Arm, Moon, Palm, Swallow, Blindness.
Money Spider: To find small spiders of a golden colour, A renea scenica, commonly
called "money spider," on one’s clothes is lucky–forebodes that you will be in receipt of
some money soon. (Gt. Britain.)
Monkey: Monkeys are believed by various nations to be the forefathers of the human
race. (cf. TYLOR, P.C., Vol. I, p. 339 etc.; DARWIN, Origin of Species.)
In Guinea monkeys found near a grave are believed to be animated by the spirits of
the dead. (WILSON, pp. 210, 218; TYLOR, P.C. Vol II, p. 7. Cf. SKEAT, Malay Magic,
pp. 184 seq.).
Monkeys paws are used as vermifuge amulets in Formosa. cf. Banmdnush, Orangutan.
Monster: The offspring of incestuous unions are monsters. (cf. GRIFFIS, M.E., p. 472).
Moon: Among the Mbocobis of South America the moon is the man and the sun his
wife. (D’ORBIGNY). An Ottawa story describes the sun and the moon as brother and
sister. (SCHOOLCRAFT). Among the Egyptians Osiris and Isis were the sun and the
moon, brother and sister, husband and wife; among the Peruvians it was the same as
with the Egyptians. (PRESCOTT). In England and in France, the sun is the man (Eng.
the sun, m., Fr. le soleil) and the moon is the woman (Eng. moon, f., Fr. la lune); in
Germany, it is the reverse. (der Mond., m., die Sonne, f).
When the "mone lies sam" on her back or when her "horns" are pointed towards the
zenith, be warned in time, for foul weather is at hand.
Foul weather may be expected when the "new moon appears with the old one in her
To see the new moon for the first time on the right hand side direct before you is lucky ;

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