Mythology Encyclopedia 149

(See FRAzER, The Magic Art, passim.) Mithaoxta: Pers. Myth. A spirit which represented "false speech." Mithras: Pers. Myth. A god of the light of the middle zone, a defender of truth, helper of
Ahura-Mazda in his struggles with the powers of darkness.
Mitra: Vedic Myth. A celestial deity, probably the same as the Persian Mithras, who
early sank to relative unimportance.
Mnemosyne: Gr. Myth. A Titaness, daughter of Uranus, goddess of memory. She was
the mother of the Muses by Zeus.
Modu: Hind. Myth. The prince of all devils that take possession of human beings. (Dr.
M en: Danish Folk-lore. The king of the elves is supposed to reside at M en. cf.
Mole: Moles are blind; hence the expression, "blind as a mole." (Gt. Britain).
If a mole digs up earth in a house there will be a death therein. (STRACKERJAN, Vol.
I, p. 24).
Mole-holes are the doors of ghosts. (Silesia.–WUTTKE, p. 224).
Mole-mark: A mole on the lip is a sign of gluttony and talkativeness; on the neck it
promises wealth; on the nose it indicates that the person will be a great traveller; on
the thigh it forebodes poverty and sorrow; on the throat, health and wealth, on the
wrist, ingenuity.
A mole-mark on the arm-pits promises wealth and honour; on the ankle bespeaks modesty
in men, courage in women; on the right breast it is a sign of honesty, on the left
forebodes poverty; on the chin promises wealth; on the right ear, respect, on the left,
dishonour; on the centre of the forehead it bespeaks treachery, sullenness and untidiness;
on the right temple it forebodes you will enjoy the friendship of the great, on the
left it forebodes distress on the right foot, wisdom, on the left foot, rashness; on the
right side of the heart denotes virtue, on the left wickedness; on the knee of a man it
denotes he will have a rich wife, on the knee of a woman, she may expect a large family.
(See Ethnologie du Bengale, pp. 128, 129; LEAN, Collectanea, Vol. II, p. 312;
HAZLITT, Faiths and Folklore, pp. 413 seq.; BRAND, Observations, Vol. III, p. 254).
"Moles on the neck,
Money by the peck."
–Ohio (KNORTZ, p. 126)
Mole’s Paw: Mole’s paws are used in Gt. Britain to keep off cramp.
A mole’s paw cures toothache (F.L.R., I).

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