Mythology Encyclopedia 148

Min: Egypt. Myth. A god of procreation, chief deity of Panopolis.
Minerva: Class. Myth. Daughter of Zeus, goddess of sagacity and arts. She presided
over all artistic works and herself excelled in the arts of embroidery, etc. Vide Arachne.
Minjika, Minjik (f.): Hindu Myth. Two beings who sprang from the seed of Rudra, which
was spilt upon a mountain. They are to be worshipped by those who desire the welfare
of children. (DOWSON, H.C.D., p. 209).
Minos: Gr. Myth. Son of Zeus and Europa, king of Crete. After his death he was made
a judge of the dead in Hades ; the other two judges were Eacus and Rhadamantos.
Vide Tabs.
Minotaur: Gr. Myth. A monster, half man and half bull, the offspring of Pasiphae (q.v.). It
was confined in the labyrinth in Crete, where it devoured the periodical tribute of seven
youths and seven maidens till it was slain by Theseus, (q.v.) who volunteered to be one
of the seven.
Miolnir: Norse Myth. The name of Thor’s hammer.
Mirror: To break a mirror denotes seven years of poverty (Pinsk, Jew. Enc., Vol. IX, p.
601; U.S.A., KNORTZ, p. 37; HAZLITT, p. 225), or bad luck (Gt. Britain, BRAND,
Observations, Vol. III, p. 169; GREGOR, p. 203).
If one looks at himself after eleven o’clock at night, he will see the reflection of the
Devil’s face beside his own. (Mosel, Tyrol-WUTTKE, p. 132; STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p.
262; Gt. Britain, India).
A woman should not look at herself in the mirror for at least six weeks after she was
brought to childbed, lest ghostly faces peer at her. (Silesia-WUTTKE, P. 207).
If a mirror be broken, it is a warning that someone in the house will lose a friend ere
long; or is prophetic that a person will never marry; or if married, will lose the person
A mirror falling off the wall without any apparent cause is an omen of an impending disaster
or of a death in the family. (N. & C. Germany, Tyrol–WUTTKE, p. 38; Gt. Britain).
If a mirror be held before a sleeping man during a hail or thunder-storm, the storm will
cease. (LELAND, Etruscan Roman Remains, p. 93). Vide Alasnam’s Mirror, Ts’in King,
Picture, Stuttering.
Miser: The spirits of misers must return to earth.
The name of a miser should not be uttered the first thing in the morning; if you do so,
you will have nothing to eat that day. (Bengal-TAGORE, Mashi and other Stories, p. 92,
Note I).
Mistletoe: It is no sin to kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas.
Mistletoe was the only thing on earth which had not taken an oath to do Balder harm.

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