Mythology Encyclopedia 147

him bathe in the river Pactolus. For having preferred the flute of Pan to Apollo’s lyre,
Apollo made donkey’s ears grow on him.
Midgard Serpent: Norse Myth. A sea monster, the offspring of Loki.
Midnight: Ghosts and other spirits wander about at this hour.
In the dead vast and middle of the night, a figure like your father appears before them.
. .
–SHAKESPEARE, Hamlet, I, 2.
Midzuha no me: In Japan the Water was made a female deity under this name.
Milford Haven: Fairies were supposed to attend the market of Milford Haven as late as
the 19th Century.
Milk: Fairies are very fond of milk and often try to gratify their desires on "unsained" or
unchurched women. (GREGOR, Folk-lore of N.E. Scot., pp. 5, 60, 62).
All liquids spilled on the ground are supposed to go to the use of fairies. (STEWART, p.
124; DALYELL, Dark Sup., p. 193).
It is considered a very good omen in India to see milk immediately on waking up in the
Milk Tooth: Milk teeth should be swallowed, if nice, white teeth are desired. (U.S.A.,
KNORTZ, p. 99). Vide Tooth.
Mill: In Slavic and Teutonic (STRACKERJAN, Vol. II, p. 142) folk-lore, mills are believed
to be the haunts of all kinds of evil spirits.
Flour brought from a mill, especially one owned by a Turk, must be fumigated, in order
to prevent the Devil from entering into it. (ST. CLAIR and BROPHY, Bulgaria, p. 46;
TYLOR, P.C., Vol. II, p. 146).
Mimas: Class. Myth. A giant who, warring against the gods, was killed by lightning.
Mimer: Norse Legend. A smith who reared Siegfried and incited him to slay Fafnir.
(ii) Another spelling for Mimir.
Mimi: In the "Ring of the Nibelungen" he is the smith who aids Siegfried to win the ring,
and is slain by the hero for his treachery. Miming: Teut. Myth. A forest spirit, the guardian of a powerful sword. Mimir: Norse Myth. A giant whose abode is a spring flowing from the root of the world-
ash Yggdrasil. Drinking the waters of the spring, he knows all the past and the future.
This was the water-spirit, into whose waters Odin had put his eye in pledge, in order towin wisdom.

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