Mythology Encyclopedia 20

Arsaphes: Another spelling for Hershef.
Artemis: Gr. Myth. An Olympian goddess of various attributes. In mythology she is a
virgin huntress and goddess of wild nature. She is the same as Diana (q.v.) of the
Artemisia: Leaves of artemisia, tied in a bundle and placed near beds, drive demons
away. (China, WILLIAMS, M.K., Vol. II, P. 255.) Vide Sweet-flag.
Arthur, King: In current English superstition he is supposed to be still living in fairy-land
and will come back to earth when the proper time arrives. He is said to sit at the Round
Table. Vide Morgaine la Faye, Papillon, Charlemagne, Raven.
Aruru: Babyl. Myth. A goddess to whom is ascribed the creation of Gilgamesh and
Arva: A horse. One of the horses of the moon; a fabulous animal, half horse, half bird,
on which the Daityas are supposed to ride. (DOWSON, H.C.D., P. 25.)
Arvak: Norse Myth. One of the horses of the sun, the other being Alsvid.
Arvan: Another spelling for Arv .
Aryskoui: An ancient war-god of the Red Indians of America.
Asakku: In Babylonian superstition the Asakku were the demons who carried and
spread plague.
Ascalophos: Son of Acheron. In a Greek tale he was turned into an owl for telling tales
and trying to make mischief.
Ascension Day: In Swabia, on this day, wreaths of red and white flowers are hung up
over stable doors, as a preventive against lightning. (WUTTKE, P. 21.)
In North Germany it is believed, that melons planted on this day grow well. (ib.)
In Hessen it is believed that herbs plucked or collected on Ascension Day are especially
powerful for medicinal purposes. (ib.)
Ascanius: Class. Myth. The son of AEneas and Creusa, who accompanied his father in
his wanderings after the fall of Troy; later, he succeeded his father.
Asclepius: In later Greek religion he is the god of medicine and healing.
Ases: Scand. Myth. Gods of benevolence.

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