Mythology Encyclopedia 18

Apollyon: One of the various names of the Devil. Apoplexy: Vide Fever. Apparel: If you dream of losing wearing apparel, your character will be injured by
Apparition: An unnatural appearance of a real being; a spectre; a phantom.
The dominant spirit . . . is the apparition of a figure on horseback without a head. W.
IRVING, Sketch Book, II.
Apple: If an apple tree blossoms in autumn, it is considered to be a sign of an
approaching marriage. (Lower Saxony, WUTTKE, P. 35.)
If the first apple of a young tree be plucked and eaten by a woman who has borne
many children, the tree will be sure to bear many apples. (Bohemia, GROHMANN, P.
143; FRAZER, G.B., Vol. I, P. 39).
Appolina, St.: Vide Toothache.
April: Vide Diamond, Sapphire.
Apron : In Vogtland a girl does not allow her lover to dry his hands on her apron, for
fear this would bring about a quarrel.
If a man wipes himself on a girl s apron, he will fall madly in love with her (PLOSS, Das
Weib, Vol. 1, P. 443.)
Apsaras: The Apsaras are the celebrated nymphs of Indra s heaven. They are the
daughters of pleasure and of fascinating charms, who lure heroes and sages from their
devotions and penances. They are fairy-like beings, beautiful and voluptuous, and
number about thirty-five millions. (DOWSON, H.C.D., P. 20; TYLOR, Primitive Culture,
Vol. II, p. 173; WARD, Account of the Writings . . . of the Hindoos, Vol. II, P. 15l.) cf.
Siren, Lorelei, Houri, Peri.
Arachne: A young Lydian maiden who excelled in the art of embroidery. She was
changed into a spider, for having defied Minerva in her arts.
Aracho: It is the Mongol name for R hu (q.v.).
Aralu: Babyl. Myth. The abode of the dead, represented as a vast and gloomy cavern
in the midst of the earth, surrounded by seven walls and ruled over bv Nergal (q.v.) and
his wicked consort, Allatu, and their attendant demons. In this place the dead were
supposed to lead an existence with no hope of return to a brighter life.
Arch Enemy: Other names for the Devil.

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