Mythology Encyclopedia 17

bull. They, on finding out that she was their mother, treated Dirce herself in the aforesaid
Antum: Babyl. Myth. The consort of Anu.
Anu: Egypt. Myth. A mighty king, the first-born of the gods. (SAYCE, P. 483.)
In Babylonian mythology he is the god of the sky or heavens, and is one of the most
ancient deities. His consort was Antum or Anat.
Anubis: Egypt. Myth. A jackal-god of the necropolis; he is usually regarded as a son of
Isis and Osiris (q.v.); a god of the dead; he guards the dead and superintends their
embalmment and shares with Thoth (q.v.), the office of the conductor of the dead to the
judgment Hall of Amenti, whither he guides them by the hand and where he weighs
their hearts against the Feather of Truth and Right. (WIEDEMANN, Rel. of Ancient
Egyptians, P. 230.)
Anukit: Egypt. Myth. A goddess of Libyan origin, depicted as wearing a feather crown.
She was worshipped in the neighbourhood of Philae.
Annuit: Babyl. Myth. A goddess, who was later identified with Ishtar.
Anunnaki: Babyl. Myth. A group of powerful earth-spirits, genii or demons, who were
servants of gods; on the whole, they were hostile to men. They were closely associated
with the Igigi (q.v.).
Apaosa: In Persian means Drought ; hence drought personified.
Apepi: Egypt. Myth. The great serpent, who led the onslaught of the demons against
the sun, by whom they were duly overcome; thus symbolizing the struggle of darkness
and light.
Aphrodite: Gr. Myth. The goddess of love and beauty, and of life as expressive of the
cosmic power of love.
Apis: Egypt. Myth. The sacred bull, which was considered as the highest form of animal
Apocatequil: In Peruvian legend he was the first son of the mortal who descended on
earth. He recalled his mother to life, and made an aperture in the earth with a golden
spade, through which the race of the Peruvians emerged and took possession of the
land. (GASKELL, P. 54, quoting Non-Class. Myth., p. 12.)
Apollo: Gr. Myth. One of the most important of the Olympic gods, especially conspicuous
as the god of manly youth and beauty, of poetry and music, and of the wisdom of

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